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Our Group Companies

Rao Strategic Solutions Inc.

Rao Strategic Solution is a management consulting and training firm. The company focuses on providing advanced management solutions to businesses and corporate organization of all sizes. Rao Strategic Solutions has recorded a lot of success in transforming barely thriving organizations to flourishing businesses. In addition to MadeEasy management solutions, Rao Strategic Solutions also offers training that leads to industry-recognized certifications in project management.

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Rao IT Inc.

Rao IT is an IT consulting firm specializing in providing consultancy services in the field of Information Technology (IT). We focus on facilitating an increase in the efficiency of internal processes with the effective use of Information Technology. Through our expertise, we help in Identifying, Attracting and Assessing the required IT Human Capital required to achieve corporate business objectives. With our Website development, App development, and project management services, Rao IT offers peace of mind when it comes to hiring the right IT professionals, formulation of cutting-edge IT strategy, and execution of Information Technology related projects.


Rao Publishing House Inc.

Rao Publishing House is an independent publishing firm that empowers authors to get published through a hybrid of traditional publishing media and digital publishing through electronic media. Since inception, Rao Publishing house has published books for the academia and others that address pertinent socio-economic issues. We continue to deliver value to all stakeholders and made meaningful contributions to the society.

About Us

Rao Group is a highly diversified company with subsidiaries operating across industry verticals. The business goal of Rao Group is to make an unprecedented positive impact in diverse industries through our signature Made Easy strategy that employs ground-breaking techniques in proffering down-to-earth solution to complex challenges. 

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